After Surgery

Discharge to home

After discharge you may feel sleepy, slightly dizzy or nauseated. These are side effects of surgery and anesthesia and can last up to 24 hours following your procedure. Be sure to follow the specific written home care instructions provide by your surgeon and the center.

If you’ve had anesthesia or sedation, a responsible adult must take you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours after your procedure. If these arrangements are not made, your surgery may be canceled.

The day after surgery, a nurse will call you to check on your status and answer any questions you may have.

Post operative instructions

At the time of discharge from the surgery center, you will receive personalized instructions which have been adapted to suit your surgical procedure and surgeon’s preference. In some cases, your surgeon will also provide his/her own instructions for you to follow.

Patient satisfaction survey

Our management staff continually looks for ways to provide the very best service and care to our patients.

Your perceptions of the care, treatment and services you received are very important to us and help us evaluate our services. Watch your email for a patient satisfaction survey. We welcome your feedback & hope we have done everything to make your visit completely satisfactory.

How to request your health information

If you need copies of a portion of your medical record for yourself or to be sent to another healthcare provider, please contact our Medical Records Coordinator at 708-570-2490. In accordance with HIPAA requirements, the Coordinator may arrange for you to complete an authorization form before we can release copies of your records.

There usually is no charge for this service unless the number of copies requested exceeds 10 pages. In accordance with HIPAA regulations, your written authorization is needed to process your request. Our icon-pdf authorization form is available for your convenience.