Post Approval: How To Schedule

Once your application has been approved by our Credentials Committee, you will receive formal notification of your appointment to the staff, along with a Scheduling Kit which provides all the information needed to schedule cases at Tinley Woods Surgery Center. The following documents will be contained in your Scheduling Kit.

  • Surgery Scheduling Instructions: Contains all the information needed to schedule a procedure at TWSC.
  • Surgery Scheduling Fax: Needed as same-day confirmation of the surgery scheduling call.
  • Dictation Instructions: Explains how to dictate your pre-operative H&P and operative reports.
  • Managed Care Program: Summarizes our managed care policies, along with contracts currently in place as well as those in negotiation.
  • Physician Orientation Manual: Provides orientation to surgery center policies/practices that you need to know prior to providing services, including your role in emergency situations.
  • Hand Hygiene and Surgical Attire for Health Care Workers: information from APIC and AORN.
  • Online Pre-operative History Instructions: Provides instructions to your patients on how to complete their pre-surgical health history online through an easy to use personalized link provide by HST Pathways Pre Assessment Survey via an email or text link.