Anesthesia Services

Our board-certified anesthesiologists are affiliated with Ambulatory Anesthesiologists of Chicago, LLC. and are dedicated solely to serving the special needs of outpatient surgery patients.

Our anesthesiologists follow the practice guidelines established by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), the national educational, research and scientific association of physicians which maintains the standards of the medical practice of anesthesiology.

The anesthesiologist is responsible for administering anesthesia to relieve pain and for managing vital life functions, including breathing, heart rhythm and blood pressure, during surgery. After surgery they maintain the patient in a comfortable state during the recovery.

Your surgeon, in conjunction with the anesthesiologist assigned to your case, and based on your medical history and type of surgery, will decide on the appropriate type of anesthesia for your needs.

  • General Anesthesia: You will receive medicine that will make you sleep and unable to feel pain.
  • MAC Anesthesia: “MAC” stands for monitored anesthesia care. Local or regional anesthesia will be used. You will also be given a medicine through an intravenous line (IV) that will make you very drowsy and comfortable during the procedure.
  • Regional Anesthesia: This is a method of numbing an area of the body by injecting medicine near a nerve. You will be given IV medicine that will make you calm and very drowsy. Examples of regional anesthesia include epidural and spinal anesthesia, and arm, leg and ankle blocks.
  • Local Anesthesia: The doctor will inject medicine that will temporarily numb the surgical area.