Your Bill

After your surgery, Tinley Woods Surgery Center will prepare a bill for your surgery and anesthesia services performed at the surgery center. Tinley Woods also performs billing for the anesthesiologist. We will bill the patient directly for pre-op testing requested by the surgeon that exceeds the surgery center’s preoperative requirements.

The surgery center’s facility fee includes charges for surgery (pre-op, intra-op and post-op nursing care, supplies and intra-operative medications, implants, equipment, use of the operating and recovery rooms), pre-op testing performed at the surgery center, and intra-operative radiology.

The Center bills to all insurance companies, and to Medicare for procedures covered by Medicare in an ambulatory surgery center. Tinley Woods Surgery Center does not participate in the Medicaid Public Aid Program.

We do not bill insurance for cosmetic procedures unless prior approval of the planned surgical procedure has been received from the insurance company